Òscar Vilaplana

Òscar Vilaplana

Technical Product Owner and Software Engineer

I am a Technical Product Owner and Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience.

I focus on delivering value, through seeking a fit between engineering results and customer needs, and through coaching engineering teams to more efficiency, reliability, and empowerment.

As a child I started with dBase III and built games using C and x86 assembler. Later, I spent many years writing Java for banks, PHP payment processors to sell digital goods and subscriptions, and designing the architecture of distributed systems for event ticketing peak sales, after which I moved to the center of Europe for the challenging fun of NodeJS, CouchDB and mobile event technology. I am now back in the Netherlands!

When I’m not coding or designing software I am biking around the Netherlands on my recumbent bike, working on a my short story collections, or figuring out how to get music out of my EWI.

I love to give talks and share knowledge.

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Agile keeps me focused on what’s important—deliver quality software and adapt to changes.

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Python has helped me build high load, high available systems with beautiful, clean code.

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Django allows me to quickstart applications and APIs and evolve them.

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Go helps me build fast concurrent systems and APIs.

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I enjoy building ReactJS web applications.

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NodeJS helps me build efficent, asynchronous REST APIs.

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